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Customer Support

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Meaningful Service

We welcome you to the AlterECO experience, where customer service begins the moment we make contact. We genuinely care about our customers, whether we are designing for an individual, couples, families with children and even their pets. This caring shines through all we do at AlterECO: our personalized design services, meticulous craftsmanship, careful and timely delivery, and reliable follow-through in our everyday communications.

Personalized Design

AlterECO’s design services are tailored to the unique needs, tastes and budgets of each of our cherished customers. Meeting by appointment only, our clients enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and the complete attention of the knowledgeable, experienced designer working with them. We value our customer’s time, and we provide a unique design synergy that is personalized to the customer and specialized to the product, with all cabinetry finely crafted to fulfill your dreams. As pioneers, innovators and leaders in modern Bamboo cabinetry, AlterECO offers design expertise and product specialization that is unparalleled in our industry. Please check out our Preliminary Design Services Package – exceptional value for expert design assistance. Also, for those interested in diving into deep green design solutions, please learn about SUSTAIN.

Fine Craftsmanship

AlterECO’s cabinetmaking process flows seamlessly out of our design process, assuring that each and every detail of the design is masterfully manifested in the finished project. Product quality and design integrity are assured throughout by a highly qualified team of cabinetmakers with deep experience and expertise in buiding with Bamboo and other ecologically-responsible materials. AlterECO offers our clients the unique advantage of working with true specialists in the design & fabrication of sustainable Bamboo cabinetry pioneered and continuously innovated by AlterECO.

Green Materials

AlterECO is committed to ecological responsibility in our manufacturing processes and our business practices. We offer the most sustainable building materials available to create cabinetry that supports healthy indoor air quality without compromising style or quality. AlterECO cabinetry features Bamboo, a highly renewable resource that helps in the fight against global warming, deforestation, and soil degradation (see our Blog article “Why Bamboo” for more info). The Plyboo Bamboo panels we use are made with glue that contains no-added urea-formaldehyde (NAUF) and is available FSC-certified. Various other green door/face materials are also available, including: local wood species; salvaged/reclaimed wood; responsibly-sourced wood veneers with green cores; and various engineered panels made-up of ecologically responsible materials. The plywood used for our casework and other components also uses the NAUF glue and comes from an FSC-certified source. We also use responsible finishes (including plant-based natural oils) & adhesives so you can be sure you are getting the safest cabinets for your home.

  • Listed below are some of the key features and components of AlterECO Bamboo cabinets:
  • Solid Bamboo at doors, drawer fronts, exposed panels; 3-ply for added strength and stability.
  • Maple or Birch plywood from certified well managed forests used in cases & drawer boxes (9ply standard at drawers; solid wood & bamboo also available).
  • Robust Confirmat case construction using full 3/4″ thick Purebond &/or Plyboo panels; full tops; extra-solid independent bases (or leveler feet, if preferred)
  • Integrated bamboo trim
  • Dovetail joinery for wood/bamboo drawers
  • Drawers also available with metal sides (including stainless steel) & special internal organizing features.
  • Zero voc or very low voc finishes (featuring natural, plant-based, hand-rubbed oils)
  • Blum Tandem undermount drawer slides with Blumotion soft-close feature
  • Blum ClipTop door hinges with Blumotion soft-close feature
  • Premium quality accessories to suit any & all needs for added function and convenience.
  • All bamboo construction and other unique material options/combinations are also available.

Please contact us for more information.