SUSTAIN™ . . . Deep Green Cabinetry by AlterECO . . . green you can believe in!

SUSTAIN is not a new line of cabinets but rather a wholly new approach to the design and craft of custom cabinetry. While AlterECO’s work has been green since our founding in 1997, it is becoming ever more clear that a “green” product or service needs to demonstrably move society in the direction of sustainability. Perhaps most important and almost certainly most urgent is the need to get the CO2 in our atmosphere back down to normal, healthy levels (350ppm or less). Such systemic problems cannot be solved by green consumerism. In addition to the necessity that less products be “consumed”–be they green or not, products need also be designed from a perspective of interconnectedness with the environment, communities, and life. So, SUSTAIN is a way of approaching a project that enables us to provide solutions that go beyond the design of product alone and delve into the holistic design of the space–looking closely at how the space and the needs of the client can best be accomodated in a deeply green–and deeply satisfying–way. If you already have an architect and/or interior designer on your project, we can work directly with them to assist, inform, or guide the process of assuring a sustainable design pathway. SUSTAIN also offers opportunities for significant cost savings through intelligent simplification and truly matching needs–including the emotional, visual, tactile, and practical–with responsible solutions. Please see “Value & Values” for an explanation of the cost of AlterECO cabinetry.

Please contact us for a personal consultation of how the way of SUSTAIN might be the ideal path to greening your kitchen, bath or other space in your home or business environment. And ask us how AlterECO’s Preliminary Design Services Package can be used for the SUSTAIN design approach.

For some straight (and humorous) talk on the problem of too much stuff, check out this video by Annie Leonard: The Story of Stuff.

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